The Vicksburg Warren School District Human Resources Department is a committed and strategic partner in creating excellence in education.  Our priorities include connecting people to information and equipping leaders with the tools to make sound decisions.


  • To attract, hire, develop and retain high performing teachers and staff with outstanding knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet strategic organizational needs while improving student achievement, teacher quality and principal support

  • To provide guidance, and support through the implementation of talent management strategies and professional growth opportunities

Staff and visitors will find links to helpful information about Human Resources services, job opportunities and requirements for employment.  Employees will find a host of information to assist with personal and professional interests, such as salary schedules, benefits information, important employee notifications, technical assistance, employee recognitions and much more.

 Users are encouraged to explore the JOBS page to discover what's available, what's new, and what Human Resources can do for them.

Job Listings

Please review the job listings for current openings. Vicksburg Warren School District is accepting electronic applications. Follow the link below to complete and activate the JOBS Page. If you have questions or complications completing the application, please contact Human Resource Department at (601) 638-5122.

Vicksburg Warren School District
Human Resource Department
1500 Mission 66
Vicksburg, MS 39180
Office (601) 601-638-5122
Fax (601) 638-4139