Why Us

Wall to Wall Career Academies

100% High School Students participate in a College and Career Academy to prepare for their future

Pre-Kindergarten Expansion

17 Pre-K classrooms provide learning for students as young as four so they can get an early start on their education.

89.5% Graduation Rate

The District's graduation rate is higher than ever!

District-wide Leader in Me

All students have access to the Leader in Me initiative focusing on Leadership, Culture and Academics


Photo of Mateo Byrd in front of trees. He is wearing a backpack and wearing glasses and a swim championship hoodie.

Congratulations Mateo! National Merit Scholar Finalist and Warren Central High School's STAR student! Keep shining!

-Mateo Byrd - 12th grade, WCHS

Academy of Innovation's Teacher of the Year, Sara Foley-Teague smiling.

The thing I would want people to know about the Academy of Innovation is how much we focus on collaboration and team work. We're very student-centered, and we do whatever is necessary for our students.

-Sara Foley-Teague, Academy of Innovation

Stormy Dupre smiling in the hallway at Dana Road Elementary School.

Dana Road is excelling our students. We get students from all backgrounds and ability levels, but we move those students from where they are to where they need to be.

-Stormy Dupre, Dana Road Elementary School

Charlsie Godshaw smiling in her classroom

I love building relationships with students. I love engaging them and involving them in the learning process and giving them the tools they need to become life-long learners.

-Charlsie Godshaw, Beechwood Elementary School

Teandrea Rowell smiling in the hallway at Warren Central Junior High School

Teandrea Rowell, Warren Central Junior High School

Megan Carney smiling in the hallway at Bovina Elementary School.

Megan Carney, Bovina Elementary School

Jennifer Stewart smiling in the hallway at Vicksburg Junior High School.

Jennifer Stewart, Vicksburg Junior High School

Mary Quinn Wood smiling in her classroom at Bowmar Avenue Elementary School

Mary Quinn Wood, Bowmar Avenue Elementary School

Shonda Morson smiling in her classroom at Redwood Elementary School

Shonda Morson, Redwood Elementary School

Ebony Gardner smiling in the hallway.

Ebony Gardner, River City Early College High School

Kathy Parker smiling in front of a brightly colored blue wall.

Kathy Parker, Sherman Avenue Elementary School

Danielle Miller smiling in her classroom at South Park Elementary School.

Danielle Miller, South Park Elementary School

Cassandra Ringo smiling in the hallway at Vicksburg High School.

Cassandra Ringo, Vicksburg High School

Kristy Brannon smiling in her classroom at Warren Central High School.

Kristy Brannon, Warren Central High School

Esparanda Sampson smiling in her classroom.

Esparanda Sampson, Warren Central Intermediate

Aleah Lick smiling in her classroom at Warrenton Elementary School

Aleah Lick, Warrenton Elementary School

Eloise Ford smiling for a picture in her classroom.

Eloise Ford, Career and Technical Education