Bovina News:

It's ATTENDANCE months!!

  • Students need to be in class from 8:00-2:50 each day!
  • 5 early checkouts without an excuse will prevent your child from recieving Perfect Attendance Awards.
  • Students who check out early without a valid excuse from a doctor, dentist, etc will not be allowed to make up the work they missed. THIS WILL INCLUDE GRADED ASSIGNMENTS!!! 




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  • Students should be dropped off at car riders starting at 7:25 am and must be in school from 8:00 - 2:50
  • Please NO early checkouts unless for doctor, dentist, or other unavoidable appointments
  • Students who check in after 10:15  OR checkout before 12:30 are considered absent for the day.
  • NO checkouts after 2:15

** If your student is absent due to illness, please provide a doctor's excuse.  All transportation changes must be made by sending a note or emailing Mrs. Taylor at  If you would like to hold a parent-teacher conference, you MUST have a pre-scheduled appointment!!