Technology Agreement Form

For Current 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders 

To be issued or to exchange the old Lenovo Chromebook for a new HP Chromebook or to keep your current HP Chromebook, please do the following steps:

1.  Student and guardian are to fill out the back and front of the technology agreement form.  Leave the asset number and serial number blank. 

2.  Bring completed technology agreement form, $20 (cash or check) technology fee, a copy or picture of a guardian photo ID on smart phone, and old Chromebook and charger to the WCHS library to exchange for a new HP Chromebook or to renew your lease on the HP Chromebook you received last school year.

*A $20 technology fee waiver is required, but a guardian may apply for a fee waiver with Ms. Shirley Cosby, Office B Secretay.  It will take two weeks for this to be processed.

*Click on the link above to print out the technology agreement form.  This form is also available in the WCHS library.

Please call the library (601-534-1905) if you have questions about obtaining a new HP Chromebook.


Technology Agreement Form.pdf, 58.48 KB; (Last Modified on December 4, 2020)