VWSD Strategic Plan

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  • Vicksburg Warren School District

    Strategic Plan 2019-2024

    Our Strategic Plan focues on six distinct areas where our district will build on strengths and create maximum opportunities for growth. 

    Vision - Graduate ALL students college, career, & life prepared. 


    The Vicksburg Warren School District (VWSD), is a public school district that serves
    all of Warren County, Mississippi, and has an enrollment of approximately 7,800 students in
    grades Pre-K through 12. VWSD is governed by a five member Board of Trustees.
    As of the 2019-20 school year, VWSD has three high schools (grades 9 - 12), three middle schools
    (grades 7-8), ten elementary schools and an alternative program.

    Mission: The Mission of the Vicksburg Warren School
    District is to equip every student with the literacy
    and numeracy skills to succeed in challenging
    courses, meet academic standards and graduate
    from high school prepared for college and ready
    for a challenging career.

    Vision: The vision of the Vicksburg Warren School District
    is for ALL students to graduate college, career and
    life prepared.

    The Strategic plan is an overview that outlines the aims and strategies of the board of Trustees. It is divided into six areas: 

    • Academics
    • High Quality Teachers & Staff
    • Technology
    • Financial Stability
    • Facilities and Operations
    • Community Image & Engagement

    Chad Shealy - Superintendent

    David Campbell - Deputy Superintendent

    Dr. Cedric Magee - Associate Superintendent

    Vicksburg Warren School Board of Trustees

    District 1 Trustee - Bryan Pratt

    District 2 Trustee - Alonzo Stevens

    District 3 Trustee - James Stirgus, Jr. 

    District 4 Trustee - Kimble Slaton

    District 5 Trustee - Sally Bullard


    Our Aim: To ensure every child receives a high-quality education that prepares him or her to be college and/or career ready. 

    We will ensure highly effective instrutional staff and leaders.

    • Provide high quality professional development
      for instructional staff and leaders through multiple
    • Provide National Institute for School Leadership
      (NISL) for all administrators to expand their roles as
      instructional leaders
    • Redesign New Teacher Support to reflect a
      systematic approach of retention of teachers with
      zero to three years of experience
    • Provide feedback inclusive of instructional
      walkthroughs, instructional blitzes, modeled lessons
    • Build instructional leadership capacity through
      professional learning communities
    • Provide summer professional development
      opportunities for teachers to enhance content
      knowledge, pedagogy and instructional delivery
    • Create and assess building level wildly important
      goals annually

     We will equip students with the numeracy skills and instruction necessary to be college and career ready.

    • Create 9 Week Pacing Guides with
      instructional resources
    • Provide district wide professional
      development opportunities for teachers
    • Create proficiency scales for grade level
      standards to ensure student achievement and
      districtwide equity of assessments
    • Create benchmark assessments for Pre-K -
      11th grade to ensure relevant and consistant
      assessments districtwide

    We will increase opportunities for college and career readiness. 

    • Align all high school students in the Vicksburg
      Warren College and Career Academies within both
      high schools and in partnership with the Career and
      Technical Education (CTE) program offerings at Hinds
      Community College.
    • Increase dual credit/dual enrollment opportunities
      for students through the RCECHS program
    • Increase number of advanced level courses offered
      to students
    • Introduce Entrepreneurship Curriculum through CTE

    We will increase student literacy to on and beyond grade-level.

    • Create 9 Week Pacing Guides with instructional
    • Provide school specific professional development on
      literacy skills
    • Provide district-wide professional development
      opportunities for teachers that address
    • Create proficiency scales for grade level standards
      to ensure student achievement and districtwide
      equity of assessments

    We will increase rigor of instruction in Pre-Kindergarten program within schools and the community.

    • Distribute newborn baby packets to all families who
      deliver at Merit Health, River Region Hospital through
      partnerships with Excel by 5.
    • Partner with public library to establish a parent
      resource center.
    • Provide professional development for the daycare
      centers in Warren County through partnership with
      Excel by 5.
    • Increase the number of Pre-K classes.


     High Quality Teachers & Staff

    Our Aim - Recruit, retain and recognize dedicated and high quality teachers and staff. 

    We will RECRUIT.

    • Strengthen the District’s presence across the
      state and nation with a robust advertisement
      campaign. The purpose of advertisement
      campaign is to cast a positive virtual image of the
      district by using sources such as electronic portals
      (i.e. TalentEd), media (i.e. newspaper and TV) and
      promotional items.
    • Develop an electronic platform to assist with the
      Onboarding process.
    • Utilize the state alternative path to teaching
    • Hosting and attending Recruitment Fairs to share
      the district’s core values. This allows potential
      candidates an opportunity to identify with the
      district and its vision.

    We will RETAIN. 

    • Develop Teacher Recognition events and
      programs by which principals share school great
      news or successes of staff
    • Develop mentoring program for new and early
      career teachers
    • Develop Articulation Sessions to give principals
      and staff to dialogue with the Director

    "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein

    Facilities and Operations

    Our Aim - Create a safe and healthy environment that will support the individual genius and gifts of each child. 


    "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." - Socrates

    We will build a dedicated and capable coaching staff that is committed to assisting students reach their full potential whild safeguarding their physical welfare in an environment that promotes high academic standards and the development of leadership capabilities. 

    • Provide the most competitive coaching supplements in the state
    • Create Coaches Academy for ongoing professional development and collaboration among coaches.

    We will have quality competitive facilities that are safe, effective and attractive and that compare to or are better than others in the region. 

    • 2018 Facilities Bond issue projects to include renovations of athletics facilities including Football , Baseball, Softball, Track, Practice fields
    • Create plan for ongoing renewal and upkeep of all athletic facilities
    • Increase revenue through fundraising and donations

    We will increase community support and enthusiasm about VWSD activities and athletics. 

    • Establish a general booster club at each site
    • Work to create quality feeder programs at each site

    Activities: Archery, Band, Baseball, Basketball, Bass Fishing, Bowling, Cheerleading, Choir, Cross Country, ESports, Football, JROTC, Soccer, Softball, Swim, Track, Volleyball, Weightlifting


    Child Nutrition 

    We will, through our nationally recognized child nutrition department, increase and improve the overall experience at all campuses. 

    • Reduce and maintain plate costs throughout the district
    • Create desirable student menus that students prefer
    • Increase student participation in the school lunch program
    • Transition from a cafeteria to cafe’ style of dining at the WCHS and VHS campuses
    • Become a recognized “Healthier United States School” at each campus
    • Rebrand Child Nutrition to improve the everyday quality of health and life.
    • Provide specialized training in collaboration with local colleges and universities on health, wellness, and nutrition



    We will provide leadership and expertise to the security team and administrative staff regarding security-related matters while cretaing a safe and orderly school environment. 

    • Increase the leadership capacity and skill of
      all school district SROs through training and
      certifications (locally and nationally)
    • Strengthen collaboration with youth court,
      local law enforcement, and emergency
      management organizations
    • Empower SROs to continuously improve in
      the areas of their additional certifications and
    • Empower students and staff by providing quality bully
      prevention training
    • Establish an anonymous reporting system
    • Create a model driver’s education component
      equipping students with the proper response and
      compliance procedures during a traffic stop or violation
    • Provide state of the art equipment and resources for
    • Provide adequate workspace and office space to
      perform optimal tasks