• Woodrow Price, Lead Teacher

    Woodrow Price, Lead Teacher


    Welcome to Warren Central Intermediate, “A Place Where Leaders Are Made”


    I am honored to serve as Leader Teacher for the 2021-2022 academic school year.

     I have been a classroom teacher for 14 years and have become known as someone who enjoys learning new technology and developing curriculum. As a result, I have found myself as an unofficial point person for other educators who are curious about implementing alternative strategies.

    In this position, it is my goal to spend my days in the classroom brainstorming with teachers, modeling lessons, curating resources to share with departments, and assisting with developing customized curriculum for individual students or special units.

    I view my role as a unique stakeholder at Warren Central Intermediate School. Although I am no longer a classroom teacher, I have not abandoned my role as teacher.

    I plan to celebrate teachers by embracing all the elements of the profession and sharing innovative ideas with others. As lead teacher, I understand that being a teacher is a vital resource in increasing student success. By supporting and empowering teachers, WCI is about to jumpstart improvement.