• Pre-K Supply List 


    * 1 package of regular pencils  or 2 packages of beginner pencils (2 count pack) 

    2 packs of Crayola Crayons (24 count) 

    1 pair of Fiskar Scissors 

    2 packages of glue sticks (2 count pack) 

    1 - 4 pack play-doh (boys) 

    2 plastic folders with 3 prongs and pockets 

    ** 1 set of hedpones/earbuds for use with chromebooks 

    1 bottle of waterless hand sanitizer 

    1 box of Kleenex 

    2 rolls of paper towels 

    1 container or refill pack of wet whipes (girls) 

    1 box of ziplock bags (girls- quart size) / (boys- gallon size) 

    1 bookbag that will hold a floder (NO Wheels) 

    * Most children require to larger beginner pencil. If your child is able to write well with a small pencil, these may be purchased. 

    ** Make sure the headphones/earbuds are appropriate size for your child.  

    ***On the first day of school, please send your child with a change of clothes 

    (top, bottoms, underclothes, and socks) in a ziploc bag with their name labeled on it. This will stay in their locker until needed this school year.

    Wish List 

    Lysol Sanitizing Spray 

    Clorox wipes 

    Crafting Supplies 

    Cardstock paper (white or colored) 

    Copy Paper 

    Extra Supplies