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Superintendent Chad Shealy

In the book, The Leader In Me, Steven Covey outlines one of the seven habits of an effective leader as, “Begin with the end in mind.” In keeping with that spirit, we have tailored our mission statement for the Vicksburg Warren School District.

Our mission statement is: “It is our goal through relevant instruction to equip every student with the literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in challenging courses, meet academic standards, and graduate from high school prepared for college and ready for a challenging career.”

This is a focused mission that highlights the two strongest elements of why students do not complete high school. The top reason why students quit school is a lack of adequate literacy skills. They struggle with reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is our number one focus in all content areas and in all grade levels to embed these literacy components to equip our students with the foundation to be a successful learner. Another major contributor to a student being a dropout is that they do not see the relevance in the education they are receiving. How many times have you heard a child say, “Why do I need this class?” followed by the statement, “I’ll never use this in the REAL WORLD!” It seems they have a point.

What we are developing in VWSD are opportunities for students to have learning tied to future goals. For example: sixty percent of all blue-collar jobs in the year 2020 will be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related, 15 of the 20 fastest growing jobs in America are in STEM related professions, and 2.4 million STEM jobs will be available in the US within 5 years. We have an obligation to our state, city and more importantly our students to prepare them for the future. Creating a STEM educational focus is one example of how we can prepare students with post-graduation skills that are very relevant in the future market. We know that every child is different and a “canned” program will not work for every student, so we will need to intentionally seek to provide personal relevance. At the core of my belief are the facts that EVERY child can learn and EVERY child is worth the effort. The VWSD will seek to find those factors that challenge our students to meet the standards of graduation and preparing them for the future.

As we move forward in our efforts to do this, we will be challenged to understand a few universal truths about change. Change takes time and no one runs a gold metal race the first time. It is also important to remember that we will keep getting what we have gotten if we keep doing what we have always done.

We look forward to the greater things that are to come in this city and working alongside this community in improving the education for all of our children.

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    Mr. Shealy's 2018 Teacher Convocation and Celebration Comments

    August 3, 2018


    Welcome to the 2018-19 opening convocation.

    To our guests and friends we hope you enjoy this celebration of education in our district.  

    To all of our employees, partners, and VWSD board of trustees I want to extend a personal thank you for your efforts in helping our students graduate college career and life prepared.

    To our board members, thank you for your countless hours of service and dedication to our District.  For being the voice of our community and having a heart committed to the children of Warren County and the City of Vicksburg

    Thanks to all of our support staff who provide safety, food, transportation, and resources to our students and teachers.  Who are often in the shadows ensuring that all goes as planned so students can learn.

    Thank you to all of the Central Services office workers for providing support and customer service to ensure positive student outcomes.  

    I want to thank our administrators throughout our district for their tireless effort, loyalty, and steadfast commitment to the “customers” that they serve.  It takes thick skin, a strong resolve and a good sense of humor everyday to be successful. Couple that with a data crunching mind and a genuine love for children and you get our leadership team.   

    Specifically to our teachers I would like to thank you for:

    setting high expectations for all students.
    having clear, written-out objectives
    being prepared and organized
    planning and teaching lessons aligned to our standards

    Thank you for engaging students and getting them to look at issues in a variety of ways.  
    For forming strong relationships with your students and showing that you care about them as people and loving them
    Thanks for being masters of your subject matter,
    and communicating frequently with parents

    Thank you most of all for choosing to serve the students of VWSD.  

    Because of these efforts and many others not listed, we’ve seen the following results:

    Last years graduating seniors were the largest graduating class of seniors in 16 years.  

    They earned a total of 3,083 college credit hours
    Equating to 1,831,302 dollars worth of college tuition.

    we are still waiting on official 2018 cuts and rating from MDE but we want to take a few minutes celebrate the following accomplishments:

    Our 4 - year Graduation Rate has risen each of the past five years. In 2014 - we reported a 58.6% rate and in 2017 it was at 72.4%. That number will continue to rise.

    Both High Schools showed increases in Math proficiency -
    VHS increased by 296%
    WCHS increased by 67%

    Both High Schools’s showed tremendous growth over previous year  in Math for all students AND both showed over a 14 percentage point increase in their growth of the lowest 25% in Math

    Both High Schools showed increases in U.S. History proficiency


    Of course, both high school’s performance was helped tremendously by their students at RCECHS whose classes scored above the state average of proficient and advanced on ALL FOUR STATE TESTS!

    All 8 tested elementary schools maintained or grew in ELA
    The following schools Increased:
    Vicksburg Intermediate

    Beechwood and Warren Central Intermediate
    remained level in ELA growth.  

    7 of 8 Elementary Schools showed growth in ELA over last year.

    5 of 8 Elementary Schools increased math proficiency for 3rd Straight Year
    South Park

    Both Junior High Schools - including data from AOI - increased math proficiency for the 3rd year in a row.

    6 elementary schools and 1 junior high school increased in overall accountability points

    Vicksburg Intermediate
    + 4
    Beechwood Elementary
    + 6
    Warren Central Junior High(including AOI)
    + 14
    Redwood Elementary
    + 21
    Bovina Elementary
    + 43
    South Park Elementary
     + 45
    Bowmar Avenue Elementary
    + 81


    Our CTE program continues to expand to provide opportunities for students to be college and career ready offering 15 programs and adding 4 additional instructors this fall in popular programs to accommodate more students.

    Pre-K and Kindergarten (MKAS)

    Both Pre-K and Kindergarten average scores increased from year end last year.

    PreK students increased average scores by 151 points since the beginning of the year

    Kindergarten students increased average scores by 182 points from the beginning of the year.  

    Both the Pre-K and Kindergarten average end of year scores were above the state's Kindergarten readiness benchmark scores.

    Pre-K average score was 4 points higher than the state’s average pre-K score.

    We passed our BOND ISSUE!!!!

    Passed an $83M bond issue in March.
    Last bond issue to pass was for $1M - 50 years ago!
    So many of you made this happen, it was truly a county wide team effort.  

    This in addition to our other funding sources allowed our Vwsd board to begin a 141 million dollar building campaign that includes facility upgrades for all schools.  

    We love our educational PARTNERS:
    They include:

    Hinds Community College
    Alcorn State University
    Mississippi State University
    US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center
    Merit Health - River Region Medical Center
    United Way of West Central Mississippi
    Excel by 5 group
    Vicksburg Warren County Chamber of Commerce
    Ford Next Generation Learning steering committee and tactical team members.  

    Other 2017-18 highlights

    3rd annual Franklin Covey Regional Symposium
    Academy Showcase
    Countless Tours with visitors from all over the state.

    We are changing lives forever and intentionally creating a better Vicksburg,
    a better Mississippi,
    and a better world because of your service.  
    BUT we didn’t come this far to just come this far.  
    This year will be our best year ever!!!

    I’ll end with the same way I began.   
    Thank you for choosing to serve the students of  VWSD and being committed to graduating them college career and life prepared.  


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    Vicksburg Warren School District


    Superintendent Chad Shealy signed on to lead the Vicksburg Warren School District (VWSD) in October  of 2013.  Under Mr. Shealy’s leadership, the Vicksburg Warren School District has made great strides toward their goal of graduating all students ready for college or career and prepared for a productive life.

    Under his direction, VWSD was named one of the state’s first Districts of Innovation.In his three years at VWSD, Mr. Shealy has implemented initiatives focused on improving student outcomes including adding fourteen pre-kindergarten classes, increasing enrollment at the Academy of Innovation STEM Middle School by over 300 students and creating an early college high school. Other district high schools are being transformed to the academy model and wall-to-wall implementation will be complete in the 2018-19 school year.

    Mr. Shealy began his career in education as a teacher at Rosa Scott Middle School in Madison Mississippi, but gained most of his 18 years of experience in the Hinds County School District where he served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. His work at Hinds County was recognized when he was chosen as the School District’s 2012-13 Administrator of the Year and went on to be named Mississippi’s Administrator of the Year by the Mississippi Department of Education.  

    He is an active member of the Mississippi Association of Middle Level Educators (MAMLE) and served as the organization’s president in 2009. He also sits on the state’s Superintendents Advisory Committee and is a current board member of the Program of Research and Evaluation of Public Schools (PREPS).

    A native of Byram, Mississippi, Mr. Shealy and his lovely wife, Shanon, reside in Vicksburg with their three sons. When he is not in his office, he can usually be found cheering on his sons’ baseball teams or spending time outdoors hunting or fishing.


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