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    Accelerated Reader (AR) Guidelines

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a very integral part of our educational experience at Beechwood.  The students are given time to read in class during the school day as well as highly encouraged to spend 30 minutes at home reading nightly.  The upper-grade students are given a grade based on their percent of goal and percent correct, while all grades (k-6th) are rewarded for their achievements at the end of each 9 weeks.  Please review your child's weekly AR progress and encourage your child to read daily.  Listed below are a few important guidelines that you need to know concerning AR.


    1. Students may only take AR tests during regular school hours, which are between 7:40-2:40 pm.

    2. Students may only take AR tests at school and must be checked in for the day. (For example, You may not check your child out and then take them to the library to take a test.)

    3. Students may not take AR tests if their certified teacher is not in the classroom unless other arrangements have been approved.


    AR Goal Setting


    Kindergarten-1st Grade: Teacher will decide AR point goal based on student's reading ability


    2nd-6th Grade: Point goals for 2nd-6th grade will be determined based on the students' ZPD levels, and students should read books and take tests within their designated ZPD levels.


    All Students must maintain an average of 85% correct on their AR tests as well.


    Teachers will send home weekly AR progress reports to keep you informed of your child's progress towards his/her goal as well as their percent correct on their tests.  Please contact your child's teacher with any additional questions or concerns you have regarding AR throughout the school year. 


    The Millionaires Club

    Additionally, Beechwood loves to recognize our students who far surpass their reading goals!  The older students who read 1,000,000 words each year are known as the Millionaires, and our younger ones who do their fair share of reading are known as Mini- Millionaires.  This special group of students is recognized at the end of each school year with a "party" of their own!  In order for your child to meet this goal, please see the required number of words read below:

    Kindergarten- Read at least 50,000 words

    1st grade- Read at least 100,000 words

    2nd grade- Read at least 250,000 words

    3rd-6th grade- Read at least 1,000,000 words