• Mission: The mission of Warren Central Intermediate School is to prepare students to lead, achieve, and succeed in a safe environment.

    Vision: The vision of Warren Central Intermediate School is to create a safe environment committed to literacy, numeracy, and preparing our students to be college and career ready as future leaders. 

    Core Values:

    At WCI, are "VIKING STARS".


         Stay safe

         Take Responsibity for our actions

         Act Repectfully at all times, and are

         Ready to Learn


    School Pledge: At WCI we are preparing to impact the world by staying focused, trying our best, having a good attitude, showing respect, and having a safe environment.

    School Creed: May the challenges I face today be faced with success. If not, I will not give up, I will never give up.  Make it a great day or not, the choice is mine and success is the only option.