• Bowmar Dress Code 

    Tops: White or Red

    Acceptable tops are long or short sleeved, collared, or turtlenecks. Shirts must be tucked inside pants or skirts with belts showing, no blousing. No T-shirts worn as tops. Tops must be of appropriate size.

    Bottoms:  Khaki or Navy Blue

    Acceptable bottoms are pants/slacks, shorts, skorts, skirts, and jumpers. Skirts, shorts, and jumpers may be pleated or unpleated. No baggy, sagging, cargo, denim, holes, frays, jogging pants, rolled up pants, spandex, sweats, biker pants, or nylon
    material. Bottoms that were manufactured to be worn with belts shall be worn with belts properly affixed.

    Outerwear: Can be any color

    Acceptable outerwear is cardigan, crew neck or V-neck vest or zippered sweaters. Sweatshirts, sweaters, or light-weight jackets no more than one size too big or one size too small may be worn. An appropriate top must be worn under the outerwear. Outerwear may be worn in the classroom.


    Acceptable jackets/coats will have no pictures depicting group affiliation, drugs, alcohol or obscenities.


    Athletic shoes are acceptable. No house slippers, beach shoes, shower shoes, flip-flops, high/spike heels, heels, platform shoes, or sandals without backs are allowed. Shoes must be a matching pair. Shoes with rollers are prohibited.

    ● No caps/kerchiefs, bandanas, do-rags, head wraps, stocking caps or headbands
    ● Hats and scarves are not to be worn in the building.
    ● No combs, picks, brushes or rollers in hair are allowed.
    ● No medallions/necklaces worn outside shirt.
    ● Hair must be a natural human hair color.
    ● Socks should be a solid color and no taller than calf-length.
    ● Make-up is not to be worn to school.
    ● Any other item the principal deems inappropriate.

    Spirit Day
    Club shirts or school logo shirts may be worn on Spirit Day. The school principal may modify the dress on Spirit Day
    and must notify parents regarding the modifications.

    General Guidelines
    a. Pants must fit at the waist and be no more than one size too big or one size too small. Shorts, skirts, skorts,
    and jumpers should be no shorter than 3" above the top of the knee, even when leggings are worn.
    b. Bottoms will be made of cotton, cotton blends, corduroy or synthetic fibers. No jeans, sweats, or spandex
    clothing are to be worn.
    c. Clothing and outerwear must be free of distracting logos.
    d. Students may not wear basketball shorts or similar trousers except during field day or other such
    school-sponsored events.
    e. Appropriate undergarments of correct size must be worn at all times
    f. The principal will announce if there are special occasions, like Field Day or Spirit Day, when other clothing may
    be worn. Otherwise, school uniforms will be worn every school day. All clothing, especially shorts and pants,
    should fit appropriately.