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    Dana Road Elementary opened in 1999, with Donnell Ellis as Principal and Judy Monroe as Assistant Principal. Originally Dana Road was a K-4 school, and Vicksburg Intermediate was a 5th-6th grade "Mega-school." At the time, the Intermediate schools housed all of the 5th-6th graders in the district, and the elementary schools still served as neighborhood schools for K-4th Grade. In the mid-2000s, 5th and 6th grade went back to neighborhood schools, and 4th grade moved over to VIS. Pre-K was added in 2007, and in 2016 3rd grade moved to VIS. 

    Now, we are in our fifth year as a Leader in Me school. We earned our funding for Leader In Me from the Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 2014, and in 2017 the Vicksburg Warren School District became the first Leader in Me District in the country.

Ms. LaShonda Smith, Principal


Ms. NaKisha Davis, Assistant Principal