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    2019 Teacher Convocation and Celebration - Cedric Tillman / Aisha Cooper

    2019 Teacher Convocation and Celebration

    Students and a select group of teachers worked all summer on this amazing performance to welcome teachers and staff back for the 2019-20 school year! What an amazing gift and kick-off for the year! 

    We do not own the rights to the music in this video, however, we did purchase sheet music for the songs as required.  


    Nancy Robertson

    Assistant Directors

    Sam Lovorn

    Eric Johnson

    Jennifer Tillotson


    Author: Cedric Tillman / Aisha Cooper   
    Length: 40:38
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    2018 Teacher Convocation & Celebration  - TV16

    2018 Teacher Convocation & Celebration

    Watch the high-energy excitement that kicked off the school year. Best show in town! 

    Author: TV16   
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    Ford NGL/Academies - Cedric Tillman

    Ford NGL/Academies

    Superintendent Shealy apeaks about the innovation in creating the High School College and Career Academies and the Ford NGL Partnership. 

    Author: Cedric Tillman   
    Length: 1:50
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