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  • Chromebook Information

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    CHARGING CHROMEBOOK AT HOME It is recommended that students establish a location that they charge their Chromebook each night so it is ready

    for use the next day. A Chromebook will last through an entire school day without a problem on a full charge.

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    Students have access to many of the Google Apps such as Gmail, Hangouts and Google Drive. The use of their district Google account allows them to

    collaboratively work on class assignments, communicate with teachers and produce high-level projects and research. All written communication is

    archived as part of the GSuite system.


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    To provide students with access to current technology applications and free tools designed for collaboration with other students and teachers 

    To give students the ability to work on their documents both in school and at home - anytime and anywhere from any Internet-connected device 

    To help students work collaboratively, engage in peer-editing of documents, and publish for a wider audience within VWSD 

    To facilitate the “paperless” transfer of work between students and teachers

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  • Email

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    Employee and student WWSD email is the property of VWSD. WWSD may archive employee or student email. VWSD may choose to do so at any time if there is an appropriate issue. It is the responsibility of the employee and student to maintain this email account appropriately 

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  • Filtering

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    An Internet filter is in place for Vicksburg Warren School District. This filter is a critical component of the WWSD network as well as Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant since it allows valuable online Internet access while restricting access to specific unwanted material in the following categories: 

    • Pornography 
    • Gambling 
    • Illegal Drugs 
    • Online Merchandising 
    • Hate Speech 
    • Criminal Skills 
    • Alternative Journals 
    • Other Undesirable Materials 

    This filter is updated on a daily basis in order to restrict access to the above items. Filtering is not a 100% foolproof way of limiting access to appropriate sites. Inappropriate sites are added to the Internet daily. All inappropriate hits are logged along with the date/time and the IP address of the workstation making the request. Attempts to bypass the school Internet filters is in violation of this acceptable use policy and will be subject to disciplinary action that may include denial of access to technology, detention, suspension, expulsion, termination of employment or other remedies applicable under the school disciplinary policy, and state or federal law

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  • Why use the student ID for a login?

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    The OET department looked at various options for the format of the student login, including the current practices of districts across the country. It was

    collectively decided the student ID would be the best choice for a number of reasons:

    The student ID is unique to each student

    Students already use this student ID for other services such as library checkouts and lunch purchases

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