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  • Vicksburg Warren School District (WWSD) provides the privilege of Internet access to district faculty, staff, students, and occasionally guests. Each user, as well as a minor's parent or guardian, voluntarily agrees to release, hold harmless, defend, and indemnify, the Vicksburg Warren School District it's officers, board members, employees, and agents, for and against all claims, actions, charges, losses or damages which arise out of the user's use of any technology provided by WWSD, but not limited to negligence, personal injury, wrongful death, property loss or damage, delays, non-deliveries, misdeliveries of data, or service interruptions. WWSD will fully cooperate with local, state or federal officials in any investigation related to illegal activities conducted through the user's use of technology and access to the Internet. Access will be restricted as required to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act. Web browsing may be monitored and records retained to ensure compliance. Users are expected to respect the web filter and shall not attempt to circumvent the filter when browsing the Internet. The determination of whether the material is appropriate or inappropriate is based solely on the content of the material and the intended use of the material, not on whether a website has been blocked or not. If a user believes a site is unnecessarily blocked, the user should submit a VWSD Help Desk ticket to review the site. Each user acknowledges that the information available from other websites may not be accurate. The use of any of the information obtained via the Internet is at the user's own risk. Vicksburg Warren School District makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, regarding the quality, accuracy or validity of the data on the Internet.

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    The person to whom a VWSD network account is issued is responsible at all times for its proper use. 

    Any inappropriate use may result in the cancellation of the privilege of use, and/or disciplinary action. Consequences for any user who fails to comply with WWSD and school guidelines may include paying for damages, denial of access to technologydetention, suspension, expulsion or other remedies applicable under the school disciplinary policy, and state or federal law. 

    Any district employee who uses the WWSD network inappropriately is subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal. 

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    Charles Wade Grant, Education Technology Director

    Office Hours:  8-4 Monday-Friday * Phone: 601-619-4707

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