•  English Learners (EL)

    The purpose of the VWSD ELL program is to help ensure that children, who are limited English speakers, attain English proficiency and achieve state standards in all academic subjects.

    The instructional educational program in the Vicksburg Warren School District is modeled after the following research-based programs:
    -    Pull-out Program

    This program model enables a paraprofessional or a tutor to provide students with small group instruction or individual work outside the classroom. In addition, a paraprofessional or tutor may serve students in a small group within the regular classroom setting. All instructional activities take place at the student’s home school.  Click here for additional information.


    EL Instructional Support

    Mrs. Liliana Bryant, EL Instructional Support

    Mrs. Marisol Gonzalez, EL Instructional Support

    Mrs. Katrina Hills, Coordinator

    Ms  Katie Gatewood, EL Instructional Support