• Children and Youth in Transition

    Children and youth in transition means children and youth who are otherwise legally entitled to or eligible for a free public education, including preschool, and who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, including:

        - A student who does not live with a parent or guardian
        - Living with or sharing a house with a friend, relative or someone else due to loss of housing because of economic hardship, or similar reason (sometimes referred to as doubled-up);
        - Living in a hotel or motel, abandoned buildings, public places, inadequate trailer home or trailer park or camping grounds or substandard housing due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations;
        - Living in an emergency or transitional shelter or a domestic violence shelter;
        - Abandoned in a hospital;
        - Awaiting foster care;
        - Living in a runaway or homeless youth shelter.


    Children and Youth in Transition have the right to:

        - Stay in their school of origin; which is the school attended when last permanently housed or the school in which the student was last enrolled.
        - Enroll in any school which non-homeless students living in the attendance area are eligible to attend.
        - Enroll in a new school without immunization, proof of residential status, school records, proof of guardianship or other documents.
        - Receive services (including transportation, preschool, meal, special education) comparable to those provided to other students
        - Have their enrollment disputes expeditiously addressed by the homeless district liaison and have the right to attend their school during the dispute resolution process.


     For additional information  and support click here, or contact VWSD McKinney-Vento liaison, Mrs. Katrina Hills.


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Katrina Hills

    1500 Mission 66

    Vicksburg, MS  39182