Cultivating Opportunities for Nurturing New and Early Career Teachers

  • Cultivating Opportunities for Nurturing New and Early Career Teachers (C.O.N.N.E.C.T) is a collaborative effort between the Office Of Curriculum and Instruction and the Human Resource Department to provide new teachers within the Vicksburg Warren School District the assistance necessary to begin a successful teaching career through mentoring. This program assists the teacher in furthering their understanding of teaching procedures, requirements and expectations of their specific grade level or subject area assignment.  The mentor teacher serves as a coach, trainer, role model, cheerleader and sponsor. Mentor teachers benefit in that the program allots for reflection and the re-evaluation of their practices, enthusiasm for teaching and professionalism. The District benefits in that it ensures the availability of a quality teacher in every classroom.

    Induction programs serve as critical pathways for educators as they enter the teaching profession. Effective programs move educators beyond pre-service learning experiences by supporting their development before during and after induction.  The Vicksburg Warren School District is committed to this endeavor and driven by the mission of increasing the effectiveness and retention of our new and early career teachers.  

    Program Goals

    • Provide all new teachers to the Vicksburg Warren School District with mentors
    • Orient new teachers to the school, policies and procedures
    • Make new teachers aware of professional practices and expectations
    • Help new teachers attain high and rigorous teaching standards
    • Guide new teachers to access, understand and utilize the curriculum framework
    • Work with new teachers to foster effective classroom management practices 

     Our Comprehensive Induction and Mentoring Model (C.O.N.N.E.C.T.)

    • New Teacher Induction, Orientation and Training
    • Ongoing Professional Learning
    • Mentoring
    • Systematic Team Approach to Support