Professional Development

  • The concept of differentiated professional learning is a revolutionary approach designed to meet the diverse needs of teachers and administrators to the concepts and issues associated with 21st  century learning. In the spirit of aspiring to becoming a community of learners, our newly adopted approach will allot for application/ with feedback regarding a number of key concepts and issues that are embedded within the construct of effective instructional practices. It is our belief that these practices will allow for more effective coaching so that all learners will achieve maximum success.  

    Program Standards

    Core standards are directly reflective of the Standards for Professional learning as outlined by Learning Forward. These standards provide direction for designing professional learning experiences that ensure educators acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. 

    Strategic Design

    The professional learning system of the Vicksburg Warren School District is aligned to reflect a strong commitment to high performing collaborative teams, along with a  commitment to a collective cycle of inquiry and reflection on the results of student achievement in order to improve learning. As such all professional learning is designed to promote practice through the application of content and strategies in support of student achievement, the science of evidence-based teaching, the science of learning, and the art of teaching for learner success.

    Professional Development Strands

    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Classroom Management
    • Instructional Strategies
    • Knowledge of Content
    • Technology Utilization and Instructional Integration
    • Test Data Interpretation and Utilization
    • Special Areas  
    • Staff Appraisal Process and Procedures

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